1. Smith Tower for Kinfolk Magazine

    I am extremely excited to post this story I shot/produced for Kinfolk Magazine’s 3rd volume. Ever since reading the NY Times piece on The Smith Tower’s Pyramid Condo, I was hoping/scheming/praying for any excuse to shoot inside that incredible living space. This past summer, after seeing the premier issue of Kinfolk Magazine, I knew it was the perfect place to have this future shoot live. The magazines high quality printing, minimal clean aesthetic, and emphasis on human interaction and simplicity instead of only the food all fit spot on with my own personal taste. I worked on locking down all the details and assembled a dream team for the shoot including cooking by Molly Wizenberg (Orangette Blog) & Brandon Pettit, video by Jacob Rosen, as well as styling by Ashley Helvey & writing by Robinick Fernandez. A group of close friends were invited to join us for a perfect small dinner gathering in one of Americas most unique living spaces. Riding up the iconic buildings original 1914 man operated glass elevator and later that evening sticking my head fully outside of the small glass bubble atop of the building are just two of the nights moments I will never forget. I cannot thank Petra Franklin enough for allowing us to have this experience in her home and for being such a welcoming host. The following are some of my favorite images from the shoot. The feature should really be seen in print. The internet is no match for the magazines thick quality print edition held in person.