1. Northwest Lineman


    These are from a project on Northwest Lineman. These focus on a current student at Northwest Lineman college in rural Idaho. It is one of the few places people come to from all over the US  to train for electrical linework.



  2. Boise ID

    As seen in Boise, Idaho


  3. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson for Alaska Airlines

    Had an amazing opportunity to photograph the Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson this week before they head into this Saturdays playoff match-up. Russell is teaming up with Alaska Airlines to donate 100,000 Air Miles to Children’s Hospital for every touchdown pass he throws or TD he runs in himself. Russell was extremely polite, well spoken, and a real role model in an era where huge sports stars are often the opposite.  I hope to see him and the rest of my home team in the Super Bowl next month.


  4. Chripify CEO for Entrepreneur Magazine

    Went down to Portland, OR to photograph the CEO of Chirpify Chris Teso for Entrepreneur Magazine. I gotta admit CEO shoots can sometimes be boring or tricky to make unique. This one was a blast. The office could not of been “more portland” with ping pong tables, dogs running around and plenty of good food/coffee for the employees.


  5. Hardwicks for Popular Mechanics

    Had a shoot for this months Popular Mechanics. Shooting the amazing Seattle Hardware store Hardwicks. There narrow hallways are full of endless tools and gear. I ended up spending more money than I wanted to before leaving the shoot haha.


  6. Non Profit: AtWork!

    These photos are from a project I recently completed focusing on several Non Profit organizations in Seattle, WA. The collaboration between PCNW and the Seattle Foundation placed several chosen photographers including myself into different non profits that the Seattle Foundation supports. Creating small bodies of work showcasing these valuable organizations.

    AtWork! is a highly supportive and innovative conduit between people with disabilities and mainstream employers in the community. It helps train as well as place disabled people in jobs around our city. I took these photos of some of the older employees who are with AtWork!.


  7. 2013: A Memorable Year!


    Outtake from a shoot I did about WA States Pot Legalization in 2013.

    I have been enjoying reading my fellow photographer friends year end posts. I need to devote some time and dig through the archives to post up a few unreleased favorites from 2013. It was a very memorable year for me as a photographer. I truly love this job so much and although it can be a struggle freelancing & finding the balance between finding/shooting paid work and personal work, I feel I have continued to grow and create photos I’m proud of. Thanks to all my friends/family who keep supporting me so much. Also a big thanks to the photo editors who have hired me and given me a chance to show what I can do.

    The BIG Highlights of 2013:
    *Shooting for the New York Times Sunday Magazine
    *Being featured in PDN showing my transition into full-time freelance life.
    *Completing an entire cook-book shoot that will be on shelves this year
    *Shooting for new editorial publications including Bon Appetit, Dwell, & Martha Stewart Living
    *Seeing my Fire Lookout personal project get such a great response
    *I went to NYC for tandem meetings with my guy Michael Frieberg and we bro’d each other out to editors. Some people were into it. Others weren’t. It’s cool either way because we had fun.
    *Being part of such a great growing Roster of talent on Bianco Artist Management.
    From a blueberry farm in Maine this past August


  8. Seattle MET January Cover

    Feels good to ring in 2014 with a fresh cover tearsheet. Shot a fun assignment for Seattle MET about hidden gems of my city. Everything from hidden beaches, bars and stores to the hidden jobs people do to keep Seattle running.


  9. Poler Stuff Adventure Sneek Peek


    Excited to release the Fly Fishing Poler Stuff Adventure I shot on Vancouver Island. Full series coming soon!



  10. Dwell: Rooms We Love

    Was happy to see a shot from the home I recently shot for dwell made it into the new “Rooms We Love” Special Issue. The rest of the home should be out soon in Dwells normal monthly. Big thanks to photo editor Anna for the assignment and Julia for the PDF!


  11. Dow Griffith: Jungle Scout


    Dow Griffith has a unique skill that has landed him a career of travel. Dow is one of Hollywood’s go-to Jungle Scouts. He helps directors/producers find the best places to shoot all across the world. Originally a documentarian himself, his unique knowledge of indigenous people and remote locations helped transition him into scouting. We had a blast shooting and trading fishing stories.



  12. Octopus! for New York Times Sunday Magazine

    I honestly couldn’t imagine a better 30th Birthday present this week. This Sunday I will have 3 photos in the The New York Times Sunday Magazine. One of my dream clients! The story features Matt Dillon (Sitka & Spruce/Bar Sajor/Corson Building) and his salad preparation of the Pacific Northwest Octopus. The article is ONLINE NOW. Please do pickup a copy of the magazine this sunday.



  13. My Summer Above The Clouds


    This summer I set out to devote more time to two things I desperately needed more of; Personal Work & Time Outdoors. My WA State Fire Lookout project offered both of these things. It combined my loves of portraiture/exploration/landscapes and northwest history. I will continue to chip away at the 92 remaining lookout towers of WA State next summer but for now the project will pause. I cannot thank Filson enough for helping sponsor the project. Part 2 is live on the Filson Life Blog today. click HERE


  14. Justin Chearno for Popular Noise

    Had a really fun shoot in Brooklyn with Justin Chearno (formally of bands Pitchblende, Panthers, LCD Soundsystem) at the home of his new natural wine Importing business. The feature is in the new quarterly publication Popular Noise which is a fresh non typical music publication that is now printed and hitting stores. You can see more about it HERE.


  15. Sandlot Art Show

    Im in a Sandlot themed Art Show this thursday at Porchlight Coffee. You should come! My piece is entitled “The Omen”