1. Excited to hang some new work at Herkimer Coffee in Phinney Ridge that will be up during October. 

    The Channeled Scablands-

    To describe this body of work and the landscape it shows I will quote my friend Ben Masters with whom I first visited this place.
    "The body of work was photographed in Eastern Washington’s Channeled Scablands. Formed by Ice age floods, this unique area is host to a series of abnormal landscape features which puzzled the scientific community for decades. Potholes, canyons, caves, and scattered rock compositions posed a riddle so large it pushed theorists to the edge of the discipline and caused those that would one day solve it to be ostracized. Though no longer a subject of scientific debate, a sense of mystery and awe still permeates the area and exists as a reminder of both our granular presence and infinite potential"
  2. A first look at my ongoing project about the Reefnet Salmon Fisherman of Lummi Island. Reef Netting is an ancient native method of fishing which has been slightly modified by Lummi Wild’s operation. The boats are fully solar powered and involves spotting schools of fish from up above and quickly pulling up the nets to retrieve the salmon. The method puts the live fish into tanks before bleeding them out and allows for zero bi-catch unlike gil-netting operations. This year was a bit rough as the sockeye salmon largely diverted their migration for reasons science is still looking into. Rising water temperatures could be a reason. Either way its exciting to see a company who cares so much about delivering fresh wild seafood to its own country as opposed to the nasty farmed salmon so much of america consumes.

  3. I’m very excited to share a few tearsheets and some favorite images from the September 2014 Filson Catalog. Shooting this catalog was as much of a dream job as I could get. I have done several smaller projects for Filson and am a longtime customer/huge believer in their incredible products. It was exciting to shoot something more in depth and high stakes for them. We featured the real men from the Northwest School Of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock, WA. This catalog focused primarily on workwear and I cant think of many northwest places that fit better inline with the Filson brand than this school. Please pick one up or order one to see the rest of the spreads and the quality printed real life versions.

  4. Super excited to have a feature in the new September 2014 Bon Appetit Magazine. I photographed Downtown Los Angeles’s classic Grand Central Market. The market has gone through a facelift in the past year or so and has an amazing mix of classic spots as well as new ones. It was cool to see such an eclectic mix of people converging downtown for great food. Huge thank to my friend James bailey for assisting me on this. It was a lot of places to cover/keep track of and I couldnt of done it without him. Here is the tearsheet as well as a few favorites from the shoot.

  5. More shots from the September Bon Appetit Magazine shoot of Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

  6. Some of my favorites from the Olivia Kim/Elle Shoot. 

  7. Sooooo pumped to see the brand new September issue of ELLE Magazine. I photographed Olivia Kim of Nordstrom (Formally of Opening Ceremony) at her home. She was super fun to work with and I had nonstop envy of her amazing collections. From vintage Supreme stickers to endless amounts of art books. 

  8. A few snaps from last weekends incredible Fly Fishing trip for Salmon on remote Vancouver Island. I met my buddies Duncan & Matt via seaplane. I will most definitely be looking for any way I can to justify another sea plane adventure. Flying Kennmore Air was incredible and the fishing did not disappoint. 

  9. A few scans of Silja wearing Rowena Sartin shot in LA during my recent trip down south

  10. A shot taken at Shoshone Falls Idaho featured in the current issue of Modern Farmer Magazine. The article was about some of the best american summer swimming holes. Big thanks to Ayanna for this assignment and the nice big spread!

  11. Some of my favorites from a travel feature about the San Juan Islands/Orcas Island in this months Departures/American Express Magazine. Orcas is one of my personal favorite places on earth so getting to shoot there for work was a dream assignment. Exciting to re-visit some old spots and discover a few new ones.

  12. Recent work for the July issue of Conde Naste Traveler about the revival of Pioneer Square in Seattle.

  13. Very excited to have shot my first feature for Dwell magazines July/August Issue. The “Aqua Layer” was an amazing home. The owners found this Mid-Century gem in less than mint shape. They spent years restoring it and adding some subtle new touches. It was a challenging shoot that really made me take my time and slow down. I wanna thank Anna Alexander for giving me a shot and trusting in me to deliver. It was also nice to have a magazine prefer film over digital. These are a few of my favorite from the shoot.

  14. Had the pleasure of photographing Patrick Haggerty & Bobby Taylor for this weeks Chicago Reader. Patrick was country musics first openly gay musician and put out his album Lavender country in 1973. The album is being re-released and his story has been getting him more press than he ever imagined back then. He hooked up with South Chicago Blues Harmonica player Taylor here in Washington and the two have been playing together ever since. Patrick is headlining this years Seattle Gay Pride parade. A parade he played once before 40 years before.

  15. Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot with Riley Starks for the July issue of Seattle MET Magazine. Riley owns and operates a gorgeous Chicken farm on the remote beautiful Lummi Island. His very unique chickens are not only organic and free range but specifically have involved him breeding pairs of Sulmthaler chickens and a small flock of the famous Blue Foot (Poulet de Bresse) Chickens.