1. A few scans of Silja wearing Rowena Sartin shot in LA during my recent trip down south

  2. A shot taken at Shoshone Falls Idaho featured in the current issue of Modern Farmer Magazine. The article was about some of the best american summer swimming holes. Big thanks to Ayanna for this assignment and the nice big spread!

  3. Some of my favorites from a travel feature about the San Juan Islands/Orcas Island in this months Departures/American Express Magazine. Orcas is one of my personal favorite places on earth so getting to shoot there for work was a dream assignment. Exciting to re-visit some old spots and discover a few new ones.

  4. Recent work for the July issue of Conde Naste Traveler about the revival of Pioneer Square in Seattle.

  5. Very excited to have shot my first feature for Dwell magazines July/August Issue. The “Aqua Layer” was an amazing home. The owners found this Mid-Century gem in less than mint shape. They spent years restoring it and adding some subtle new touches. It was a challenging shoot that really made me take my time and slow down. I wanna thank Anna Alexander for giving me a shot and trusting in me to deliver. It was also nice to have a magazine prefer film over digital. These are a few of my favorite from the shoot.

  6. Had the pleasure of photographing Patrick Haggerty & Bobby Taylor for this weeks Chicago Reader. Patrick was country musics first openly gay musician and put out his album Lavender country in 1973. The album is being re-released and his story has been getting him more press than he ever imagined back then. He hooked up with South Chicago Blues Harmonica player Taylor here in Washington and the two have been playing together ever since. Patrick is headlining this years Seattle Gay Pride parade. A parade he played once before 40 years before.

  7. Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot with Riley Starks for the July issue of Seattle MET Magazine. Riley owns and operates a gorgeous Chicken farm on the remote beautiful Lummi Island. His very unique chickens are not only organic and free range but specifically have involved him breeding pairs of Sulmthaler chickens and a small flock of the famous Blue Foot (Poulet de Bresse) Chickens.

  8. New work for the new July Issue of Food & Wine Magazine. I photographed Chef Steps creating their Ultimate Clambake for the Gastronaut Files section of the magazine. They sourced every ingredient from foraging along a NW island beach area. They then heated up the beach rocks they found to induce steaming the entire dish at home as opposed to cooking it on an open beach fire. It was incredibly tasty.

  9. Lil Sneek Peek of some out-takes from the upcoming lookbook I shot for Scout-Seattle

  10. A few personal film snaps from a recent shoot on Orcas Island. The yurt was completely hand built by a farm-worker named Gus. I noticed it on the property and he let me take a real quick peek inside. I love how the light was spilling onto his pillow. Real glad that one came out

  11. I had the extreme honor of photographing former Sudanese Lost Boy Machot Lat Thiep for the new issue of VICE magazine. The entire issue is about the problems that have faced South Sudan. Machot now lives a happy simpler life here in America but the issue follows him back to Sudan for the first time since he escaped.

  12. The Infamous Mobb Deep! Had a chance to briefly photograph one of Hip Hop’s legendary duo’s last week. Really makes me feel old to find out their iconic album is being re-released for its 20 year anniversary this month. Havoc and Prodigy were super chill and great to talk with. Kinda trips me out to meet a group that 2pac personally called out on “hit em up” haha

  13. Had a great shoot with Master Sommelier Chris Tanghe at his resturaunt Aragona for this past weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal. Seattle is one of the cities leading the rise in Somm’s achieving the prestigious wine title. I was also excited to find out my buddy Erich Ginder made the very cool wallpaper i chose to photograph him against.

  14. Shoshone Falls, Idaho. Happy Earth Day!

  15. Some shots for Close By Shop’s new baseball inspired spring products. Big thanks to Ryan who modeled for the shoot. It sometimes pays to ask random strangers you see at a bar to be in a shoot when you have a good vibe about it.